Pawprint Print Pride Restored

By Sheri Long, PTA Parent


You may have noticed our paw print path leading up to the front main gate received a “restoration” this past weekend. Our La Mariposa paw print painters Alexis Long, AJ Long, Sydney Searle and soon to be kinder Madison Searle, repainted the 26 blue tiger prints with the help of Sheri Long and Amanda Searle.  The next time you walk up that path and through those gates, follow those prints with all your tiger spirit and La Mariposa pride!


Peer Mediation & Structure to Reduce Playground Conflicts at LM

by Erica Williams, Principal

We have some exciting things happening on the playground this week!  Peer Mediators are on the playground at all of the K-3 recesses to help students in resolving issues on the playground.  The 4th and 5th grade Peer Mediators were chosen by their teachers and Mrs. Williams met with them once per week for the past six weeks.  In addition, thanks to our generous PTA and parent community, Campbells Soup Labels for Education points were used to add soccer balls, handballs, basketballs, volleyballs and hopscotch beanbags to the playground.  Game Rules from our PE curriculum are posted in each of the areas to help resolve any conflicts students may have about the game rules during recess.   In the coming weeks we will add a new volleyball net as that has become a popular new game on the playground.  As we are halfway through the school year, our PE Coach reviewed playground games with all students the past two weeks.  It has been an exciting week to watch students try some new playground games that they haven’t tried before!

Tigers Welcome Some New Faces On Campus

photo (5)

Mrs. Ruiz’s long term sub, Chloe Negrey

Have you noticed a few new faces around our campus?  We have three student teachers from National University working on our campus for the next few months. These teachers are observing our wonderful teaching staff, working with small groups of students and teaching whole group lessons under the supervision of their master teacher.   Wendy Lockridge is working with Mrs. Davis, Lara Landry with Mr. Blumfield and Andrea Vansameno with Ms. Wadley.  We also welcome Chloe Negrey who will be the long term sub in Mrs. Ruiz’s class through the end of the school year.  Please join me in welcoming these new teachers to La Mariposa.

Hover over the images below to match the faces with the names.

–Erica Williams, Principal


Tigers Compete For Academic Awards; Winners Announced


Last week, 4th and 5th grade students competed in Round 1 of the Camarillo Academic Olympics.  Students could choose up to three of the following categories:  Art, California History, Current Events, Creative Writing, English Grammar, Geography, Math, Science, Speech, and US History.  More than 180 students participated.  (Scroll to the end to view a full photo gallery.)


Saturated-2Competition started last Wednesday with the Art and Creative Writing categories.  Art competitors had an hour and fifteen minutes to compose and draw a still life from five ordinary objects.  Entries were judges based on composition; drawing techniques like shading, proportion, and perspective; and the overall impression of the piece.  Creative writing participants were also given an hour and fifteen minutes to write a story.  Each student could choose one of three story leads.  The judges were very impressed with the students’ use of figurative language, dialog, creative plots, and sophisticated vocabulary.

Thursday was the big day for subject tests.  Thirty minutes was allotted for each twenty-five question multiple choice test.  You could have heard a pin drop in the MPR as more than 80 students completed their exams.  It was equally quiet in the library where an additional 22 students completed their tests.


The week concluded with the Speech competition.  Thirteen students worked hard beginning in December, choosing material, memorizing their stories, and practicing during lunches to polish their voices and gestures.  All the kids improved so much in the last couple weeks and did an amazing job!

After a weekend on pins and needles, the winners were announced yesterday.  In the classrooms, participants received recognition with a certificate of participation.  The top three winners in each class received ribbons.  Finally it was time for the school winners to be announced.  Mrs. Williams, read the winners to the whole school on Monday afternoon.  The kids walked to the office to get their extra big ribbons and have their picture taken.

Congratulations to all of our winners:


Math Winners: Shea, 2nd; Manas, 1st; Haley, 2nd, Justin, 2nd; Matt, 2nd; Armando, 2nd (not pictured)


Science Winners: Jackson, 3rd; Keith, 3rd; Garren, 3rd; Manas, 3rd; Haley, 1st; Matthew, 2nd


English Grammar Winners: Brandon, 3rd; Jenna, 2nd; Haley, 1st


US History Winners – Tie for 1st: Nathan, Max, Matthew


Geography Winners: Matthew, 2nd; Manas, 1st; Lucas, 2nd (not pictured)


CA History Winners: Colin, 2nd; Cate, 2nd; Maddy, 1st; Jesus, 2nd; Nathan, 2nd


Current Events Winners: Andrew, 1st; Nick, 2nd; Sassin, 3rd


Art Winners: Alex, 1st; Matt, 2nd; Evelyn, 3rd


Creative Writing Winners: Alex, 1st; Jenna, 2nd; Anna, 3rd, Christian, 3rd


Speech Winners: Sophia, 1st; Daisy, 3rd; Tanvi, 3rd; Edison, 2nd

All of our school winners will represent La Mariposa in the City Prelimaries held at the Boys & Girls Club the first week in February.  Good luck, Tigers!Saturated-39

Thank you to all the volunteers that proctored tests, graded tests, and wrote on certificates.  Special thanks to Dorothy Hanchey, Nichole Sadowsky, Christy Pantoja, and Kathryn Masci for their above and beyond behind the scenes work…we never could have done it without you!  Finally a big tiger hug to the La Mariposa office staff for being extra accommodating during last week’s events.

Tigers Get A Taste of Old California At Olivas Adobe

by Carly Barlow and Anna Girolamo

This year, La Mariposa’s 4th grade classes went to the Olivas Adobe for a field trip.  One of the reasons we liked this field trip was the guide.  We liked the guide because he talked like a cowboy and made everybody step in the gross, disgusting, dirty mud pit.  We stomped around in the mud, picked mud up in our hands, and put it in wooden molds to make adobe bricks.  Another worker hosed us off afterwards.

Also while we were there, we made delicious tortillas.  First we put corn on the matate (a stone table) and moved it back and forth with the mano (a rock) while pushing it at the same time.   After we did that, we rolled the masa (smashed corn) into a ball.  When we were done with that, we put these balls of masa into the tortilla press.  Next workers cooked them on the old-fashioned outdoor stove.  Finally we got to eat them!  They were the best tortillas we had ever tasted in our life.

When we took a tour of the house, we saw lots of rooms.  One room was the girls’ bedroom.  Almost all the Olivas girls slept in this one room at a time.  The babies slept in the parents’ room.  The boys slept outside on the balcony.  The Olivas family had 21 children, so there were lots of girls in one room.  Next we toured the parents’ room.  They had chamber pots to go to the bathroom.  The boys’ job in the morning was to empty out the chamber pots.  Then we toured their very own chapel.  They had a picture of what the chapel looked like when the Olivas family lived there, and the chapel looks almost exactly the same now.

Cattle was important on the rancho.  They had a lot of cattle, so they had to make their own cattle brand.  To make a brand and get it on the cattle, you had to first make your own brand iron.   Then you have to place the brand end in the fire.  Lastly you put the hot iron brand on the animal’s body, and then you have your brand on the animal.  We got to look at the cattle branding iron and other tools.  We also saw rawhide and tanned cattle hide.

Another thing we did at Olivas Adobe was lasso a fake cow.  It was so fun!  Carly got zero points, but Anna got one point.  To get a point, you had to get the rope around one of the cow’s horns.  If it went around both horns, you got two points.

These are just some of our favorite things we did at Olivas Adobe.

10 Ideas for a Fun & Healthy Family Super Bowl Celebration

FootballAccording to the USDA, Super Bowl is the second largest food consumption day of the year, just behind Thanksgiving.  What if we could have all the fun and flavor, without the junk?

“In a regular day, an American will eat about 2000 calories worth of food, but during the Super Bowl, the average American eats that amount of calories in about three hours.”–USDA

The worst part is most often these calories are of the sugar laden, processed, artery clogging variety.  Chicken wings, dips, sodas, cupcakes, pizza…the list goes on.  Granted, Super Bowl comes around only once a year, but what if we could make it a little less evil with a few minor changes?

Here are ten ideas to make your Super Bowl Party a little health friendlier without sacrificing the fun!

Stay Busy!  Shift the focus away from food…a little bit.

  • Game On:  Instead of watching commercials at half time, how about your own football game in the front yard or at a local park with friends and family?
  • Face Paint:  Take some time and paint each others’ faces in team colors.
  • Decorate:  Put out a table with some craft supplies and let the kids show their spirit by making decorations for their favorite team.
  • Origami Football:  You can really get into the game when you make origami footballs.  Get complete instructions here.

Substitute Key Ingredients:  Flavor, not fat.

  • Greek Yogurt Instead of Sour Cream:  Replace half to all of the sour cream or mayonnaise in your dip recipes with plain greek yogurt.  Greek yogurt with it’s muscle building protein and lower fat content has a fraction of the calories of mayo and sour cream without sacrificing flavor.  Serve other types of more nutrient rich dips and spreads like guacamole and hummus, along side your crunchy dippables.
  • Baked Chips Instead of Fried:  Baked chips maintain the crunch and flavor we love without all the fat of the traditional fried versions.  Kettle Brand Baked Chips use all natural ingredients, and good old fashioned Lays maintain the richness we crave.  You can also try making your own.
  • Lean Meats Instead of Burgers & Dogs:  If you are looking to eat less saturated fat or salt, stick with the leaner cuts of meat and poultry or leaner versions of ground meat.  Try marinating and grilling a flank steak and slicing it thin.  Grill a chicken breast and top with salsa or a yogurt based spread.  Rub beef, turkey, or pork tenderloins with rich or smoky spices then grill or roast.

Serve A Rainbow:  Nutrition Undercover

  • Fruit Kebabs:  Colors are nature’s cue for good nutrition.  Fruit kebabs offer a variety of nutrients and fiber that keep a sweet tooth at bay.
  • Power Trays:  Load up big ‘ol trays with your favorite veggies or fruits.  Mix greek yogurt with ranch seasoning for a veggie dip. Mix in a little honey or pureed berries with greek yogurt for a knock out fruit dip.
  • Flavored Water:  Skip the soda and lighten up the cocktails by infusing your water and other drinks with fresh fruit.  Get some ideas here.

More Ideas:  Check out these great resources for Healthy Recipes and Fun Super Bowl Facts

–Kamala Nahas, mother of three & family wellness advocate