Art Docent Program

We have revamped La Mariposa PTA’s Art Docent program.  This section is still under construction, but feel free to peruse.  If the lesson plans are ready, they’ll be highlighted in blue!

This year we will be celebrating the Art Docent program with a gallery during open house.  The Theme is “The Artist In Me”.  The grades will be working on the principals and elements of art using a variety of mediums in both two and three dimensions.  Some projects will be collaborative, some will be inspired by famous artists, and some…well you’ll just have to wait and see.  While the grades all have different projects, each month they will be focused on the same mini-theme:

  • Abstract
  • Architecture
  • Creatures Big & Small
  • Cultures
  • Self Portraits

So what makes the PTA Art Docent Program different than other art in the classroom?

Parent Volunteers Lead the Lessons

Parents in each classroom, we call them “docents”, lead five lessons for grades 2-5 and 2 lessons for grades K-1.  Docents have a lesson plan for each project and collaborate with teachers so students get the most out of the program.  We find it to be a great way to volunteer and get to know the kids in your child’s classroom.

Lessons Are Less Directed and More Abstract…in general

Most Art Docent lessons focus on an element of art design like line, shape, texture, or color.  Some lessons also incorporate a type of drawing like still life or perspective drawing.  Many times students will gain experience in a medium that haven’t used before, like oil pastels and for the first time this year, liquid water colors.  Often, when viewing a class’s finished products together, you will notice a greater variation than what you would typically see in other classroom art projects.

This Year’s Projects (Coming Soon)


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