Art Docent Program Overview

Purpose:  To expose students to fine art by observing works created by others, teaching techniques, and creating their own art with a focus on the basic elements and principals of art and design.

Number of Lessons:  Grades two through five will complete five lessons.  Grades kindergarten and first grade will complete two lessons.

Prep Time: 30-60 minutes for most lessons.

Program Timeframe:  We are acquiring supplies as we go through the program starting in February.  You’ll need to follow the program lessons in order.

  • Kindergarten will do one lesson in March and one lesson in May.
  • 1st Grade will do one lesson in March and one lesson in April.
  • Second through fifth grades will have one lesson a month starting in February and two lessons in May.

Supplies:  Most supplies are found in the TAP room in the Art Docent cabinets.  Some supplies will be found in the classroom.

Art Docent Binder:  All of the lesson plans and preparation instructions are viewable at  Your teacher will need to have the site up on their smart boards.  There are a few binders in the Art Docent cabinets for your use when gathering supplies.  Please do not take a binder home unless you do not have access to a computer.

New Lesson Feedback:  With all the new lessons and tweaks on the old ones, we’ll need to help each other out.  The best way to do this is to leave comments on each lesson plan, then we can all learn from each other.

Open House Art Gallery:  This year we will have a gallery at open house.  At the end of each lesson, there are notes you’ll need to label the pieces and prep your class’s art for display.  It is better if you do these tasks as soon after the works are completed as a possible.  When Open House comes around, It will also take the whole team of us to create the gallery and the bulk of the work will happen the last day .  This year Open House is pretty late, May 29.  My guess is we’ll be setting up all week.  I’ll also have outside volunteers sign up to help.

Questions:  Kamala Nahas 987-0151,, or leave it in the comment section of the lesson plan.


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