How to Prepare a Lesson

Schedule:  Work with the classroom teacher to determine a schedule for the art lessons which will work for both of you.  Generally, speaking it works well to schedule lessons after lunch.  This gives you time to prep the room and takes the pressure off clean up.

Familiarize:  Read the lesson.  Read it again.  If you think you’ll need assistance from the teacher when presenting the lesson, let them know ahead of time.  The teachers are happy to work out a comfortable teaching relationship with you.

Try It Out First:  A sample of what the students will be creating is the best way to go.  Do your best, it doesn’t have to be perfect.  As time allows, we will be collecting project samples and putting them in the TAP Room.  If you do use a sample, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO RETURN IT.

Supplies:  Most supplies are in the TAP Room.  Paper towels, scissors, #2 pencils, and erasers, and compasses can be found in the classroom.  The classrooms often also have paint brushes, containers, and messy mats.  PLEASE do not collect supplies UNTIL THE DAY YOU TEACH.  If everyone follows this rule, supplies will be there when they are needed.


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