5th Grade Projects

February: Lines Create Illusions: Op Art

LaMariposa.ArtDocent.OpenHouse.052913097Students will learn about some ways artists use lines, shapes, and space to create optical illusions.  The final projects will be mounted on 12′ cubes for gallery display.

March: City Drawing With 1 Point Perspective

LaMariposa.ArtDocent.OpenHouse.052913115Students will learn how artists create the illusion of space and distance on a two-dimensional surface.  Two-dimensional artworks, such as paintings, can present the illusion of an actual scene.  This kind of artwork is called realistic.

April: Dali Inspired Surreal Animals

LaMariposa.ArtDocent.OpenHouse.052913118In this lesson students will work individually using pastel and marker focusing on an elongation of limbs, long shadows, and vibrant color to create Dali inspired pieces.

May: Klee Inspired Portraits

LaMariposa.ArtDocent.OpenHouse.052913082Students will use tissue paper to create a Klee inspired background.  Then they will do a simple line drawing on wax paper to layer over the background.


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