Blog?  Newsletter?  Blog?  Newsletter?

We’ll admit, it’s an experiment.  Since we haven’t actually printed a newsletter in what’s coming on three years and getting articles in on time and laid out perfectly can be an arduous task and we really didn’t have a volunteer to who wanted to tackle everything and  so….

THE PAWPRINT BLOG is born.  We love the way the Pawprint always seems to bring you more of the culture of La Mariposa, it has stories about what the kids and teachers were doing–their adventures in learning–their successes.  So why wait for a monthly, or bi-monthly newsletter to celebrate what is going on at La Mariposa everyday?  Now we can post entries soon after an event occurs.  We can share pictures and links quickly, all in a clean format.  We can also archive all this great news and letters will be reachable within a tap, click, or swipe because yes, this blog is tablet and smart phone friendly.  We are rolln’ with the times y’all,

Since this is an experiment, we’d love your comments.  You can comment on the individual posts (stories) simply by clicking the speech bubble in the upper right hand corner or you can email us at LaMariposaPTA@gmail.com anytime.  We’d love for your to submit stories as well.  You can email those, too.


Kamala Nahas


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