Eleanor Roosevelt, Bessie Coleman, Amelia Earhart, Mary Anning, and Dolly Madison Vist LM

photo copy 11You may have heard your child talking last week about our La Mariposa Tiger classroom visits by several women in history.  Originating from the American Association of University Women (AAUW), PTA volunteers in this program portrayed women of diverse backgrounds and cultures who have made their mark on history.  The kids really enjoyed these visits that were filled with interesting information and interactive activities.  These ladies truly brought history to life.

The 2013 Women in History for La Mariposa were:

Mary Anning (K – 2) (1799 – 1847) portrayed by Natalie Swarts
Fossil Hunter from Lyme, England who made 3 important discoveries that contributed to the development of paleontology.
Activities included : how rare it is to become a fossil and how a fossil is formed2-27-2013 045

Dolley Madison (K – 2) (1768 – 1849) portrayed by Kathryn Gregory
Our 4th first lady who was known for being a gracious hostess, for her bravery during the War of 1812, and for her efforts in saving a painting of George Washington,
Activities included: Polite introductions, fancy table setting, and discussion of what one favorite thing a student might take if he/she were evacuated because of a fire

February 2013 212

Eleanor Roosevelt (3 UP) (1884 – 1962)  Portayed by Gwen Speakes
First lady who overcame childhood shyness and changed the role of first lady. Some of her accomplishments were improving the opportunities for women and children and fighting racial discrimination.
Optional activities included White House facts and facts about the presidents

Bessie Coleman (ALL GRADES) (1892 – 1926) portrayed by Iya Wimberly
She was the first African American female pilot.
Activities included: How a plane flies and what do you know about airplanes

Amelia Earhart (ALL GRADES) (1897 – 1937) portrayed by Shauna Black
She was an expert pilot and a pioneer in the aviation industry.
Activities included: what she took on her trips and discussion of what happened to her

IMG_3425Louise Boyd (3 – 5 ) (1887 – 1972) portrayed by Natasha Scrivner
Arctic explorer at a time before women did this type of thing.
Activities included: how little of an iceberg we see, arctic food chains, and mapping the depth of the ocean

Thank you to all our PTA Volunteers and to Susan, Shauna, and Natasha for submitting pictures.


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