Tiger Artists Honored in County Competition

"Dream Picture" by Sassin Nahas.  Sassin's entry received an "Award of Excellence".  His entry will represent 12th District at the California State level of competition.

“Dream Picture” by Sassin Nahas. Sassin’s entry received an “Award of Excellence” for Photography, Intermediate Division (grades 3-5). His entry will represent 12th District at the California State level of competition.

Three La Mariposa students kicked the year off with a bang.  On January 6, 12th District PTA recognized Sassin Nahas, Tiana Stouch, and Scarlett Ming for their outstanding entries in the 2014 Reflections Competition.  This year’s theme is “Believe, Dream, Inspire”.  The 12th District PTA is made up of 132 schools throughout Ventura County.  The Reflections entries were first chosen as finalists at the school level and then the city level.

Tiana’s musical composition, “Flowing River”, received an Award of Merit, Primary Music (grades K-2).  It is a wonderful piece we recommend listening to–so beautiful it might just break your heart.  Just click the arrow below to listen.

[audio http://cl.ly/2Q0c011U3t1e/Tianna.Flowing%20River.mp3]

Scarlett was recognized with a Highly Commended Award for the second year in a row in Literature, Primary Division.  Here is her incredibly sweet take on “Believe, Dream, Inspire”:

Beautiful Butterflies

A beautiful butterfly lays an egg

on a green leaf.

The egg hatches

out comes a tiny, black pupa.

The pupa grows bigger

and sheds its skin

it believes soon it will be

a happy caterpillar,

under there is colorful skin.

Later on the caterpillar will find

a stiff branch or leaf

to spin a cocon

and dream about being amazing.

The cocon craks

and out comes a colerful butterfly.

Her wings are wet

She stays in the sunshine until they are dry.

Then she will fly!

It’s not too early for students to start working on their Reflections entries for the 2015 program.  Next year’s theme is: “The World Would Be a Better Place If …”.  Artists can enter in six different categories: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, & Visual Arts.  Learn more about Reflections…

Special thanks to La Mariposa Reflections Chair, Cassie Blauert, and her crew for all their hard work with paperwork, art preparation, and organization of the LM Showcase.


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