Mrs. Ruiz’s Class Gives Thanks to the Troops

Ruiz Thanksging TroopsIn honor of Thanksgiving Day, Mrs. Ruiz’s 4th grade class wanted to express  gratitude to the soldiers for their service.  So they sent a letter home to parents indicating the items most requested by the soldiers.  Items on the list included food and familiar snacks, toiletries, entertainment items like batteries, even dog food for the working dogs and pets.

They had a remarkable amount of donations sent in, enough to fill 16 boxes! Parents also chipped in to raise the shipment fee of $175. In addition, the students each designed and wrote their own Thank You cards to go with the donations.

I’m sure you’ll agree Mrs. Ruiz’s class is a shining example of the spirit of giving!

If you’d like to know more about how to give to the troops, check out the resources below.

The US post office charges a flat fee of $10.95 per box (12x12x5.5).

Special thanks to La Mariposa parent, Carolyn Slaughter, for sharing this story with us.  If there is something special your child’s class is doing, please send your story and pictures to our Pawprint Editor.


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