Santa Barbara Museum: Third Grade

by Gabriel C., Student Contributor, Mrs. Roth

We went to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History as a field trip.  Our first stop was the Chumash Hall.  The tour guide showed us all the tools and materials they used.  She showed us arrowheads, knives, even some of the money they had!

We also saw an amazing example of a tool (the Chumashs’ boat).  Also we saw an example of a small Chumash village.  I heard  some insect noises, too.  When you press a button, it makes a bug noise!  I had a great time in the Chumash Hall!

Editors Note: All third grade classes visited the Natural History Museum in March. Being able to see Chumash artifacts and recreations makes the Chumash Unit more real to students. This and all field trips are made possible by your donations to La Mariposa’s Annual Jog-a-thon.

See the other ways the La Mariposa PTA uses your contributions to enhance our children’s educational experience.


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