PTA Fundraises More Than $100,000 a year: Where Does it Go?

It is hard to believe we raise that much money, but we do. Our 2011 Jog-a-thon raised more than $54,000, the 2011 Dinner Dance raised nearly $35,000, and we raise more than $20,000 a year in passive fundraisers like eScrip, Box Tops, fundraising nights, and corporate matching. So what do we do with all this money?

Specialty Teachers: $30,000+

This year LM has three part-time Specialty Teachers. All of them are credentialed and we do share a couple of them with other schools which helps everyone:

  • Physical Education: Our students see her once per week and funding comes from Jog-a-thon.
  • Music: Students in all grades see her every other week and funding comes from Dinner Dance.
  • Technology: Students grades 2-5 see her every other week and funding comes from Dinner Dance. See her Teacher Feature.

Field Trips: $9000+

4th Grade students mix mud with their feet to make authentic adobe bricks.

Something many people don’t realize is that all the field trips La Mariposa students experience are either free or funded by the PTA. (The only exception is the small amount of funds first graders earn and contribute to their Wildlife Experience). The LM staff does an amazing job of choosing field trips that are interactive and support curriculum. This is what the PTA is already slated to pay for in 2011-12:

Technology: $35,000+

Since we are in a building phase with SMART Boards, right now we spend a lot of money on technology. We are also meeting the school half way in piloting a new tablet program. Technology expenditures come from funds raised by both the Dinner Dance and Jog-a-thon.

Fun Classroom Materials: $15,000+

The PTA gives each grade level a budget of $24 per student for interactive classroom materials and field trips. (We already removed the field trips from the amount above.) Additionally, teachers receive $100 each to start off their rooms right at the beginning of the school year, and extra funding is granted to new teachers or for special projects on request. Most of this funding comes from Jog-a-thon. Some of the things teachers choose to spend money on are:

  • Interactive puzzles, games, and flashcards
  • Materials for centers
  • Books
  • Magazines like “Let’s Find Out” or “National Geographic Explorer”
  • Supplies to make bulletin boards look great
  • Art Supplies
  • Sports equipment and equipment for active learning
  • Building and Modeling Supplies
  • Classroom storage and organizational supplies

School Programs, Events, & Teams: $5500+

The PTA also spends money supporting the school extracurricularly. Sometimes it means buying T-shirts, sometimes it means contributing to a celebratory party, and sometimes it means giving a team a shout out in an event program. This funding comes from Jog-a-thon and our passive fundraisers. Here are some of the things PTA gets behind at La Mariposa.

PTA Programs and Events: $7500+

These are events and programs that originate from the PTA to support the Arts, Sciences, Character Building, Healthy Lifestyles, and other core values of the PTA. This funding comes from our Jog-a-thon and passive fundraisers. PTA Programs and Events:

…and more

As with our own household budgets, there are places money goes that don’t fall into neat little categories, things that are more essential than exciting, or unexpected things. We spend a few thousand on these things depending on the year.

The La Mariposa PTA makes every effort to spend money responsibly on things that impact student learning, enhance the classroom experience, and celebrate success. We keep an open line of communication with our teachers and administration to ensure the things we provide are meaningful to your child’s elementary school experience. If you ever have questions or comments please let us know by dropping us an email at


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