The Next Step: Tablets

By Tiffany Armas, First Grade Team

Illustration by Maya S., student contributor, Mrs. Richards

First Grade has been thrilled with using the touch-screen tablets in the classroom.  Each classroom has 1 tablet, which we use for centers daily. The students enjoy listening to interactive stories, playing math games, playing games that reinforce sight word learning, and going to online sites to practice their reading skills. The children are eager and motivated to use the tablet and prefer this tool over the computers. Our computers are out-dated and our listening centers were on (vintage) cassette tapes. Both are hard to replace. Our goal is to have tablets replace our computer and listening center. There are so many great apps which allow students to practice and reinforce skills that have been taught. It also allows for differentiation in student learning. First Grade students and teachers love the tablets and the ways we can incorporate this new technology in the classroom. As the first grade team moves forward, our hope is to obtain one more per  1st grade classroom by year’s end. We are extremely appreciative of parent and PTA support in this new learning adventure.



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