Chumash Interpretive Center

by Jaylynn C., Student Contributor, Mrs. Roth

Third graders went to the Chumash Intrepretive Center to learn more about the local Chumash Indians.  We learned what they used to make their beautiful paint.  We also learned what they ate and how they made acorn mush.  It was fun when we learned a few games they played, some songs they sang, and animals they saw.  We got to go inside of one of their houses, which was an “Ap”.  We learned how they made pas, what they did in the pas and where they dressed.  We enjoyed learning and going to the field trip.

Editors Note:  The Hands-On quality of the Chumash Museum labs breathes life into the third grade social studies standards. This and all field trips are made possible by your donations to La Mariposa’s Annual Jog-a-thon.

See the other ways the La Mariposa PTA uses your contributions to enhance our children’s educational experience.


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