Science Week: A Student’s Persective

By Marley T., Student Contributor



A couple of months ago, La Mariposa School had Science week. Every class had 2 days in Science Week. They gave Mrs.Hudacko’s class Tuesday and Friday. Both days were different; one day we learned about sea animals, the other about gravity and water. Both days were held near the E rooms on the blacktop.

On Tuesday we went out on the blacktop. We were going to dissect a squid and learn more about other sea animals. I learned a lot of new things from the scientist.  Did you know that people used squid ink for writing with a feather? Or did you know that sea cucumbers look rough but are really soft and squishy? Most say this was a fun day.

InkOn Thursday we learned about water pressure .They had big tubes of water connected to the ground. We connected tiny tubes to the big tube then lead the other side to a bucket, the water flew right into the bucket! The other thing we did was finding out what floats and what doesn’t. My partner and I were the first ones to find a device that floats with 20 weights and water! Over all everyone liked Science Week.

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