PTA Brings Marine Life to School For Science Week


Organizers of LM’s first ever Science Week are feeling the best kind of exhausted after spending an AMAZING day with our tiger marine biologists.  Today and Thursday, as part of our week long “Water” themed Science Week, kindergarten through third graders are visiting a mobile marine lab and 4th & 5th graders are participating in squid dissection and diversity labs.

The Mobile Marine Labs brought all sorts of creatures for our students to touch, hold, feed, and learn about.  Today students squealed with delight as they held hands with Sea Stars, fed sea urchin, corralled crabs, and got up-close and personal with octopi.

DSC_5247Dr. Huvard and a handful of her invertebrate zoology students from CLU, led 4th and 5th graders through two labs.  In the diversity lab, students examined live specimens and looked for the specific and often unique external adaptations these amazing creatures possess in order to  thrive in their habitats.  In the dissection lab, students were able to explore some of the internal adaptations of the squid.  They were able to identify the basic parts of the squid, including the arms, tentacles, siphon, mantle, ink sac, and pen.

A huge thanks goes out to Dr. Huvard and her CLU students for volunteering their time  and equipment and to Science Week Committee member Patti Stouch for spearheading the Marine Biology effort.

All live animals were returned to their natural homes…obviously not the squid.

More pictures from the Mobile Marine Lab

More Pictures from the Diversity Lab

More Pictures from the Squid Dissection



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