Tigers Solve Problems & Answer Questions With Group Challenges

DSC_5989During science week this week students from each class are spending two days participating in interactive science activities.  The focus for Tuesday and Thursday is Marine Biology which you can read more about here.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, students are given a set of challenges.

Task 1:  Deliver water to a bucket 5-6 feet away using the least amount of pieces of PVC in the shortest amount of time.

Students worked together in groups of six to build a pipeline.  They had to communicate, collaborate and problem solve to meet the challenge.  After each success the bucket was moved to a more difficult location.  This series of three pictures shows PREPARATION, ANTICIPATION, and finally…CELEBRATION.


DSC_5944DSC_5946Task 2:  Find the most buoyant object and explain why you think it floats.

After a brief explanation of opposing forces (yes, we stooped to a Star Wars analogy) students were given a selection of containers made of varying materials and some tools for measuring weight.  They were to experiment with each item to see how much weight each held.  We had some true scientists with open minds that even tried using some of the tools as containers–great work tigers!


These were great days for discovery, experimentation, and teamwork!

Thanks to Stu Long–our most loved Tiger Engineer Dad for coming up with these great challenges to get all those tiger brains a-thinkin’…and making a splash with Science.


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