2014 Talent Show: Sneak Preview

Singers and Dancers and Karate Ninjas, Oh My!

…and Actors and Musicians and a Hula Hooper, too!

Our Pawprint paparazzi popped in on the Talent Show Dress Rehearsal last week and the report is, it’s a show you won’t want to miss.  We have some terrifically talented tigers taking the stage starting at 6pm this Thursday in the MPR.  Come watch our tiger stars shine!

Here’s a little sneak preview to introduce some of the STARS of the show:


From classical dance like ballet and tap to modern lyrical and street dance–even a  cultural Irish dance, our dancers will delight you!


We’ve got pianists galore, some are singing’ along while they tickle the ivories and even one dynamic drummer.


We have lots of vocal artists just letting their voices go!  Listen for titles like “The Cup Song”, “Momma Mia”, “Brave”, “Firework”, “Pompeii”, “Yesterday”, “Fine By Me”, and you guessed, “Let It Go”.

Actors & Extraordinary Entertainers

Get ready for readers of poems, storytellers, and more!

Last, but certainly NOT LEAST…

An exclusive engagement, they perform only once a year

…the Karate Ninjas!


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