Peer Mediation & Structure to Reduce Playground Conflicts at LM

by Erica Williams, Principal

We have some exciting things happening on the playground this week!  Peer Mediators are on the playground at all of the K-3 recesses to help students in resolving issues on the playground.  The 4th and 5th grade Peer Mediators were chosen by their teachers and Mrs. Williams met with them once per week for the past six weeks.  In addition, thanks to our generous PTA and parent community, Campbells Soup Labels for Education points were used to add soccer balls, handballs, basketballs, volleyballs and hopscotch beanbags to the playground.  Game Rules from our PE curriculum are posted in each of the areas to help resolve any conflicts students may have about the game rules during recess.   In the coming weeks we will add a new volleyball net as that has become a popular new game on the playground.  As we are halfway through the school year, our PE Coach reviewed playground games with all students the past two weeks.  It has been an exciting week to watch students try some new playground games that they haven’t tried before!


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