MacCallum 2014

Hey Pam–

I’ve got 74 for you today.  I’ve included a couple outtakes, specifically the first one, just because, well, sometimes reality is kinda amusing.  The 2-year old shoot can sometimes feel challenging (your family is not alone), but I think we got a few keepers.  I did lose sight of a few backgrounds during the shoot, so I’ll need to do a little work taking care of some distractions.  Max also has a little blemish between his eyebrows I’ll want to hit.  I tried to organize them in a way that would make sense.  You have just the three boys followed by the family pics, and then individuals and what I call mix-n-match.

You can either leave a comment in the comment section or send me a list of #’s for the ones you’d like.  I can turn them around in 24-48 hours.

Looking forward…I think it might be really fun to do a pool shoot in your backyard if you are up for a summer shoot.  We could make it the 2.5 for Eli or even just shoot it in the summer for your Holiday 15.  You guys always seem to have such a blast back there and I can bring my waterproof camera along with my Olympus and I think we’d really come out with the unforgettable photos that everyone has fun taking.  I know it might be traditional–just an idea.  You know I’m always up for anything.

Here’s the preview:


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