4th Graders Hit the Sweet Spot With California Regions Lesson

You could call it a tradition and it definitely makes learning just a bit sweeter.  It’s the California Regions Cake!


Mrs. Sadowsky’s class quickly gathers for a photo op before slicing up their map of the state of California.

Part of the fourth grade social studies standards, studying the regions of California hasn’t always been this much fun.  However, La Mariposa’s fourth grade teaching team takes a hands on approach to the subject that is anything, but dry.  For this collaborative project, students use various sweet treats to illustrate the different regions and climates of California.  Using things like color coded sprinkles for the region, red hots for major cities, and chocolate chips for mountains, each class worked together to create an edible map.

Along with the cake, teachers guided students through the creation of flipbooks to help them remember details about our state’s desert, valley, mountain, and coastal regions.  Where else can you surf and snow ski all in the same day?  Flipbooks use a combination of note taking skills and visual cues to help solidify concepts in students’ minds.

Most 4th grade students agree, the California Cake is one of the most memorable lessons of the year…and one of the yummiest!  (Maybe they won’t notice if some of the Sierra Nevada’s go missing…)

–The Pawprint Editor

Special thanks to the fourth grade teaching team for always finding new ways to bring lessons to life for our kids!


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