Simplify Your Holiday Shopping with the La Mariposa Gift Card Program

gift card logoFundraising While You Shop!

We all love to find easy ways to earn money for our school without selling! Gift Card fundraising is a no-selling program that allows you to raise money for La Mariposa simply by purchasing gift cards for your everyday purchases and gifts.

Here’s how it’s done:

You simply purchase gift cards from your school coordinator, Lisa Carraway, at face value and she will order those cards at a reduced price. The difference in money is an instant rebate for our school. It’s really that simple!

Here is an example:

Purchase a gift card for the GAP for $50, Coordinator buys the gift card and they will contribute 14% back to La Mariposa.  You in return get your gift card for $50 to the GAP and the school has now made $7.00 instantly!

All retailers have different contribution % so check out the retailers list for more info.

Order forms and retailers list are located here.


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