LM Receives Bronze Award from Eco-Schools

Eco SchoolsThe Eco-Schools program models environmentally sound practices, provides support for greening the curriculum and enhances science and academic achievement.  The program is made up of seven steps, incorporating a variety of environmental pathways.  Once a school has registered and implemented these seven steps, it can apply for an Eco-Schools award. There are three levels of the award system. The first two levels are the Bronze and Silver. The top level is the Green Flag award. To be eligible for the Bronze Award, a school must accomplish the criteria under each of the Seven Steps below, and must apply online for the award.

To receive a Bronze Award, La Mariposa needed to earn 100 points by completing these seven steps:

  1. Form an Eco-Action Team
  2. Perform an Environmental Audit
  3. Create an Eco-Action Plan
  4. Monitor and Evaluate the Plan
  5. Link to Curriculum
  6. Involve the Community
  7. Create an Eco-Code

This year, La Mariposa will focus on the Energy pathway and planning a Schoolyard Habitat.

Learn more…

For more information on the La Mariposa Eco-Schools or Schoolyard Habitat projects please contact Natalie Swarts.


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