Back To School Night Cliff Notes & Photos

Here’s a little summary for all of you that missed the General Assembly during Back-to-School Night.

From Principal Williams

Common Core

  • Mrs. Williams showed a quick three minute video “What are USA Education Standards?”.  You can view it here:  [youtube:
  • The teacher learning focus last year was Language Arts.  You’ll see evidence of that this year with new classroom learning structures like Daily 5 and also in a shift to more nonfiction reading.  You’ll also start to see less worksheets coming home and more creative and collaborative classroom assignments.  Learning will be more inquiry based with a focus on writing to demonstrate proficiency.  In fourth and fifth grade you’ll be hearing more and more about academic language.   You’ll also notice these changes don’t stop at language arts, rather they weave together science, history, and other content areas.
  • This year the teacher learning focus is math.  We look forward to seeing all the changes in action toward the end of this year and starting out next year in the area of math.
  • At the heart of the Common Core State Standards is an educational paradigm shift away from knowing facts to thinking about how to find answers.  As a parent you might feel a little lost.  This year the district will be offering Parent Education so you can guide your child using the same Common Core principles at home.

To get the big picture of the aim of Common Core, check out this four and a half minute video:


Daily 5

Daily 5 is a way of structuring the language arts block that allows students to work at their own level, while challenging them and providing structure within the classroom.  Teachers talked about things like building reading and writing stamina, differentiation, and allowing students to chose their own reading material and activities.  To learn more about what Daily 5 looks like in your child’s classroom just ask your child’s teacher.


Mrs. Williams updated us on our technology status:

  • Kindergarten and 1st grade students will be included in instruction by our tech teacher.
  • Every classroom has six computers; desk tops for lower grades and laptops for upper grades.
  • SMART boards in every classroom.
  • We are working toward the addition of a Chromebook Cart with the long range goal of 1:1 device:student.

Principals Coffee

Each month our principal will host an informal discussion meeting with parents and community members.  This is an open meeting where she will share information on topical issues. Parents and community members are invited to provide positive feedback and to express questions and/or concerns. Mark your calendars for Friday, September 27 at 8:15 AM in the La Mariposa library. Click here for a schedule for 2013-2014.

From Our PTA…

Straight from the Milan’s runways, our PTA parents put on a Program and Event Fashion Show.  It was a fun way to highlight all the wonderful things your donations and service add to the La Mariposa educational experience.  We even had some PTA Paparazzi snapping photos to share with you.

To learn more about how the PTA uses your donations click here.

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