10 Tips to Maximize Back-To-School Night

back-to-school1Back-to-School Night is this Wednesday. Sept. 18th at 6:00 pm.  Many of you are old hats at this–you know the drill and are experienced in juggling multiple classrooms for your multiple Tigers.  However, many of you are rookies, and aren’t sure what to expect.  So from an old hat to you–here’s a few tips to make the most of your Back-To-School Night.

10 Tips To Make The Most Of Back-To-School Night

Leave the Kids at Home:  Aside of the event being terribly boring for them, having your kids in tow distracts you from taking in all the information being presented at lightning speed.  In May, La Mariposa hosts an Open House night.  Open House is the time to bring your children and let them celebrate their success with you.

Attend the General Assembly:  The general Assembly starts at 6pm.  You’ll hear a short bit from our PTA–listen hard–what they have to say this evening is the most important things you need to know all year from them.  The principal will introduce the teaching staff and then spend a few minutes talking about the school’s goals for this year.  Knowing the school’s goals will help keep the expectations your children’s teachers are about to share with you in perspective.

Visit Your Child’s Teacher:  There are two sessions for classroom visits.  They start at 6:30pm & 7:00pm. This allows you to attend a session for each of your children’s teachers.  If you have three children attending La Mariposa, you and your spouse will need to divide and conquer.

Find Out The Best Way To Contact Your Child’s Teacher:  Chances are, you’ve already submitted contact information so the teacher can get a hold of you. Now you need to know all the ways AND the best way to contact him or her.  Is it via email, a note in your child’s agenda, by phone?  What time is best to contact them?  How long will it take for them to respond?  Knowing this information goes a long way in avoiding future frustration and misunderstandings.

Listen For The Teacher’s Expectations:  Your child’s teacher will spend a good portion of their time outlining their behavioral and academic classroom expectations for the year.  If you have any questions, now is the time to ask.

Ask What Your Teacher Needs:  While mugs and gift cards make great gifts come holiday time, there are other ways to show your child’s teacher you appreciate them all year long.  Maybe they are building their classroom library, need specialized art supplies, or just need to replace basic classroom materials worn with years of love.   Teachers are often shy about requesting these things, but they may share some of their classroom needs if you ask them directly.

Know About Classroom Volunteer Opportunities:  Volunteering in the classroom is a great way to show your child you care about their educational world.  It also allows teachers to do projects and field trips they just couldn’t manage without extra sets of hands (or wheels).  Make it a point to find at least one way you can illustrate the importance of education by contributing to your child’s classroom this year.

Take Note of Resources:  Along with expectations, your child’s teacher will spend some time on sharing at home resources.  Now more than ever there are tons of online resources to help cement classroom lessons and extend learning.  Know where these resources are so you can refer to them when the time comes.

Make An Appointment To Discuss Concerns Specific to Your Child:  The classroom teacher only has twenty five minutes to get a year’s worth of information to parents.  Save any questions and concerns you may have about your child for an email, phone call, or conference.  Back-to-School Night is not the time or place to discuss your child’s specific needs.

Get There Early and Check Out Our New Spirit Wear:  Our PTA will be selling Spirit Wear from 5:30-7:30 in front of the MPR.  Our new styles will be available (T-shirts start at just $10).  You might even find a great deal on one of our close out items, too!

The La Mariposa PTA wishes you all a Happy Back-To-School Night.  We’ll see ya’ Wednesday night!

–Kamala Nahas, Pawprint Editor & Three-peat Tiger Parent


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