Posting Party Hits The Spot

LM Posting Party-2

Families crowd together as class lists are unveiled.

It seems each year in Camarillo the sun saves its warmest welcome for Back-To-School festivities.  2013 was no exception.  The La Mariposa community gathered together the Friday before school started still wearing flip flops and summer smiles for the Annual PTA sponsored “Posting Party”.

Each year more and more families come together to reconnect and learn what classes they will be in for the new school year.

“Attending the posting party is exciting for my daughter and even me because we are surrounded by tons of friends, some who may have gotten placed with the same teacher as Sydney. Chatting and catching up with old friends is fun, and as my daughter, Sydney, says ‘maybe make some new ones.'”

–Amanda, parent of a 2nd grader & tiger in training

LM Posting Party

One parent snaps a picture on her smart phone as other react to the discovery of their children’s teachers.

The posting party is about more than just finding out who your teacher will be.  This year Surf ‘N’ Yogurt brought their truck out to serve up refreshing treats.  They donated 25% back to the La Mariposa PTA–a total of $125.  Surf ‘N’ Yogurt was joined by Pack 3831 Cub Scouts (servicing Tierra Linda and La Mariposa), our Jog-a-thon & Dinner Dance committees, and our very busy spirit wear committee.

“The unveiling of the new Spirit Wear is thrilling, seeing what designs were created, what colors were chosen, AND there are many $5 dollar shirts for sale or markdowns. One friend was definitely interested in Spirit Wear and knew we would have it on sale.”  Amanda said.

A great example of school spirit and PTA involvement, this year’s Posting Party was the best, yet!

Special thanks to Kelly Long for arranging for Surf ‘N’ Yogurt, Surf ‘N’ Yogurt for their donation, Kat Gregory and her team for making all the Spirit Wear available, and the many, many, other hands that made this great event such light work! 

Photo Credits:  Cindy Laudato-Wong & Kamala Nahas


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