La Mariposa Drop Off & Parking Lot Safety

  1. Students are encouraged to walk or ride their bikes to school.  Learn more about the academic benefits of walking to school.
  2. Students are to cross the street at the crosswalk only.
  3. Please review with your child the safest route to and from school. Explore routes that involve minimal street crossing and the use of the crossing guard.
  4. Car pools are encouraged.
  5. When driving students to school, find a safe, convenient drop off point in order to avoid congestion in school parking lot.
  6. Traffic flow in the parking lot is one way:
  7. Cars enter the parking lot at the Corte Olivas driveway. Cars exit onto Alta Vista Place.
  8. RED CURBS in the parking lot must be kept clear – NO PARKING/NO STOPPING ALLOWED. These red curbs signify no parking/no stopping.
  9. WHITE CURB – Student loading is located in front of the Administration/Multipurpose Room Buildings. DO NOT LEAVE CAR UNATTENDED in this atea.
  10. No child should be let out or picked up in the second lane . Children using the white curb area must enter/exit the car from the curb side.  This interrupts the normal flow of traffic into the parking lot.
  11. Parking is not allowed in the second lane out from the curb. This interrupts lot and causes a traffic jam.
  12. Handicap spaces should only be used by someone with a designated handicap placard.
  13. An adult must cross the child to AND from parked cars. Children may not walk in the parking lot without an adult.

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