New Rules & Behavioral Assembly

LM Roar 8x11

By Erica Williams, Principal

UPDATE:  Thank you for your feedback. Beginning Tuesday, instead of sitting as had been past practice last school year, students will stand at their lines. I welcome anyone with feedback to come in and meet with me.

Did your child come home from school yesterday talking about “new rules”?


I met with each grade level for a behavior assembly. At the assembly we reviewed the compact that you signed with your children on Wednesday night, the “ROAR” posters that you see on campus and a few new procedures in their daily routine.

You can ask your child about the following procedures:

Before School/Drop Off

Our gates open at 7:55.  Students are able to go to the lunch benches or the blacktop.  Students are able to play on the blacktop.  We ask that parents and younger siblings stay in the lunch bench area.     As a staff, we are asking that 1st-5th grade students do not wait at their classroom doors.  When the 8:05 bell rings, students are to walk to their classroom.  The gates will be closed at 8:10 and any student arriving after gates have been closed will need to come through the office for a tardy slip.


We will continue with the play first policy at lunch.  When the warning bell rings, students are asked to put the equipment away, use the restroom, wash hands and line up.  When the classes are lined up, the students are excused to the lunch area.  A big change for the students is the fact that we are now asking them to remain seated at the table and raise their hand if they need to get up to use the restroom, get a spork or visit the salad bar.  At the end of the lunch period the students get up to throw away trash and line up.  This is a new routine for the students and they are doing a great job.  This will help to ensure student safety with the large number of students we have eating lunch at one time.


2 thoughts on “New Rules & Behavioral Assembly

  1. This procedure might seem to be better, but the children need to know that if they need to use the restroom , they can just go. Three supervisors for as many kids as there are is not the best solution . We have lived in a lot of different states, seen a lot of different way of doing things, and this has always been the least effective rule.

    • Welcome back from the 3-day weekend! I hope everyone had a great time off.

      Thank you to everyone who has shared their comments and concerns with some of the school policies and procedures.

      On behalf of the La Mariposa PTA, I would like all of you to know that your voices are being heard and we are working with school administration to ensure that your concerns are acknowledged and addressed. We are confident that responses to each of your concerns will be provided in a timely manner.

      If you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Williams (Principal) or myself.

      –Cindy Laudato-Wong, La Mariposa PTA President

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