Mrs. Sadowsky’s Summer School Supply Steals #3

school-supplies-carts-coinsStaples Sale Good Thru Sat., August 17.

by Nicole Sadowsky, 4th Grade Teacher

Once again Staples seems to have the best back to school sales of the week.  When you spend $5, you can get individual packs of tissue (limit 6) and spiral notebooks (limit 6) for just a penny each.  2-packs of Sharpies and pencil boxes are $0.50 each.  The Pilot retractable pens are free after the easy rebate.  One-inch binders are $2 each, and the insertable tabs are $0.25 a pack.  A 5-pack of BIC highlighters is just $1, and Hammermill copy paper is also $1 after easy rebate (limit 2).  If you use colored copy paper (or want to donate some), it is just $3 a ream after easy rebate (limit 4).

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