Mrs. Sadowsky’s Summer School Supply Steals #1

Staples Penny Items and More…

by Nicole Sadowsky, 4th Grade Teacher

school-supplies-carts-coinsThe crazy Staples shopper has started watching the ads already and is here to inform you that Staples has their penny sales starting on Sunday, July 7.  You can buy a ream of copy paper for $6.99 and then do the rebate so that the paper will cost you a penny plus tax.  Once you spend $5, you can get the special penny deals (limit 2) for the week.  This week they have packs of index cards, packs of pens, and packs of pencil top erasers all for a penny.  If you use binders, they are $1, and the insertable dividers are just $0.25 a pack.  They have stand up staplers for $3, and the Crayola products are $2.  If you like waiting for the best deal, you might want to keep watching for the markers to eventually go down to $1, and the crayons and colored pencils usually show up at some point for $0.25 at Target or KMart.  Glue sticks are $1 for a pack of 4, but sometimes those come down to $0.50.

If you are not planning to shop for yourself, but happen to be getting something at Staples this week, grab the penny items and donate them to the school.  They will get used.


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