Summer Learning Tips: Number Fun


Using Numbers for Fun

Map Reading

Give children a map and a marker to follow the route you are traveling. Watch for street or road signs. Using the mileage scale on the map, check approximately how far you have gone, and estimate how much farther you must go to the end of the trip.


Keep a list of car license plates by state and see who can spot the most states.


Add the numbers on each license plate and see who can find the one adding up to the largest number.


In wet sand, compare the depth of big and small footprints due to weight differences.


Estimate how much time it will take to reach your destination by giving your children the mileage and the speed you are traveling.


Plan a special outing to the museum, the beach, or the park, and have your child show the way on the map. Estimate the distance, and then check to see how close you came.


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