Looking Back: Earth Week, Hands On Environmental Science Lessons

So…sometimes we get a little busy and don’t get articles published when we like, but we want to make sure we are sharing all the great stuff going on at La Maripsoa.  In that spirit, this week we will be publishing a few articles highlighting events that took place a little while ago.  We hope you enjoy them!

Earth Week 2013

La Mariposa observed Earth week April 15-19.  In partnership with local businesses and government agencies, students participated in five different grade specific hands on activities that focused on the science behind some of the choices we make in our lives and some of the changes we can make toward conservation.

Enviroscape:  City of Camarillo Stormwater Program

The City of Camarillo sent out their stormwater program manager to talk to fifth graders about water transfer–specifically, how water moves from our streets, yards, and gutters to storm drains and into our natural waterways.  They used an enviroscape model along with various sprinkles and spices to represent the different types of waste that gets distributed into our creeks and eventually our beaches and oceans.  All of this waste affects plant and animal habitats, as well as our own.  It really makes us think twice about what we leave in our yards and parks and what we spray in our backyards and on our plants.

Solar Power with Solar World

Solar World came out to show fourth graders the benefits of solar power and demonstrate how the panels worked.

Cooperative Seed Paper Project

Kindergarten and third grade buddies worked together to learn a lesson about recycling by making handmade seed paper with recycled paper and organic material.

2nd Graders Visit Limoneira

Second graders attended an assembly on Sustainable Agriculture.

The week following Earth Week, second graders took a field trip to Limoneira to reinforce lessons from the assembly.  They also learned about how solar power and a local water management strategy not only conserve our natural resources, but can also decrease the bottom line for business.

Composting: Harvesting Worm Castings

Composting is a great way to make use of organic waste.  Composting with worms, or vermicomposting, results in a beautiful and nutrient rich compost for our school gardens.  To keep our La Mariposa worms happy, our first graders harvested worm castings.

A huge thank you goes out to PTA Growing Green Chair, Natalie Swarts for organizing and arranging all of the Earth Week activities.

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