A Look Back On Assemblies

La Mariposa students enjoyed two assemblies performed by Razzle Bam Boom this year.

200 Years of American Music 

In late February, the duo took the students on a musical journey spanning the last two centuries throughout different parts of the United States.

Students learned that they are already familiar with a lot of American composers, such as Stephen Foster. This musician is known as the “father of American music” because he composed more than 200 catchy songs during the 1800s that are still enjoyed today. Two popular examples of his music are “Camptown Races” and “Oh, Susana.”

Razzle Bam Boom also showed students how American music has been influenced by people who have moved here from Mexico, Canada, Europe, and Africa. Blues and jazz have their roots from Africa while  Zydeco is a blend of African influences and Cajun music, which came from French Canadian immigrants who moved to Louisiana.

Students got a taste of Country Western music and Hawaiian music as well as some folksy Bob Dylan and the always popular King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Razzle Bam Boom ended both assemblies by getting teachers and even Mr. Greenlinger to come and dance to the always popular tune of “YMCA.”

The Character Show

In late March, Obediah, from Razzle Bam Boom, returned to La Mariposa to perform the “Character Counts!” show. He played his trumpet and used catchy song lyrics, funny skits, juggling tricks and audience participation to explain the “Six Pillars of Character” to students. He used “Terrific” as an acronym to help students remember: Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Respect, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.

Obediah also addressed bullying, and how students should focus on caring for each other, and not let perceived differences get in the way. Stay tuned to La Mariposa’s weekly email blasts and the school website to find out more about next year’s assemblies – planning is under way for another great set of fun and enriching educational performances for La Mariposa students!

Special thanks to PTA Assembly Chair, Dorothy Hanchey, for arranging this year’s assemblies.



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