From The President: Year End Thoughts

CindyHello La Mariposa Families,

I can’t believe this school year is almost over. Wow – how time flies!  As the school year comes to a close, I wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all the La Mariposa families and our community for your support throughout this school year.  As PTA President, I am proud of our accomplishments and grateful to be a part of this community and represent each and every one of you.  I am touched by the overwhelming enthusiasm to get involved and ensure that we have successful programs for our children that enrich their lives.  La Mariposa is truly a great place for our children to learn and develop habits that will help them to succeed.

I wanted to highlight two events that left an impression with me this year: the Art Gallery during Open House and our annual Talent Show.  I love how the art gallery showcased work from every student at La Mariposa.  As I walked into the gallery – I was mesmerized by all the vibrant colors and the diversity of each artwork.  This was a great display of what our school represents – a place where our children learn, freely express themselves, and make a difference.  The second event that stood out to me was our Talent Show that took place in February.  I thought this year’s show had the best variety of talent thus far.  Our school has a high caliber of talent and it amazes me how many of our children are eager to show and share their skills.  All of our events and programs are successful due to the dedication and inspiration of our families and community.

 A few accomplishments I wanted to share from this school year:

  • Jog-A-Thon – we raised $54K for field trips, Tech teacher, PE teacher, and classroom support.
  • Dinner Dance – we raised $36K for Technology and Music at our school – completed SMART BOARDS in all classrooms, and fund a Music teacher.
  • The Arts Programs: Art Docent, Talent Show, Chorus – large focus on the Arts this year – a gallery of artwork from every student was featured, increased participation and variety of acts at our talent show and a year-round chorus programs.
  • Science Week: program expanded from a night to a week event and during school hours for all students to enjoy
  • Growing Green Program – program enhancements included Juice Pouch (i.e.Capri Sun) recycling, plastic, aluminum, and glass recycling, and implementation of the Eco Schools Program – where we conducted a waste audit, classroom inspection, and implemented worm composting.  Not to mention a number of relevant Earth Week activities.
  • PTA membership increased to 641 members (includes 619 memberships and 22 platinum members – Platinum members belong to every school in our district)
  • 60% increase in Volunteer Hours from last year – we logged 16,396 hours (monetary value for our LMS hours this year is $405,801)- Great job to all the volunteers, field trip drivers, helpers, etc.
  • Grants Received – $500 Take Your Family to School Week, $500 from Amgen, and $500 from the Wrigley Litter Less Campaign for Eco Schools Program

WAY TO GO TIGER FAMILIES!  These accomplishments would not have been possible without YOU and your support.

In preparation for our upcoming school year, there are a few items that we need help with.  If you are interested, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  Learn more by visiting our website:

Save the date for our Back-To-School 2013 Events:

  • 8/20 – PTA Meet and Greet/1st PTA Association meeting at Pitts Ranch Park, 10AM
  • 8/23 – Posting Party, 4PM
  • 8/27 – Kinder/New Student Orientation, 9AM/10:30AM
  • 8/28 – First Day of School/Welcome Reception

To learn more of the exciting events that took place this year, check out our Pawprint Blog.

In closing, I would like to wish the 5th graders the best of luck as they begin their journey to middle school. Best of luck to Ms. Elliott and Ms. Angeli on their retirement.   Good Luck to Dr. Greenlinger as he begins the next chapter of his career as Director of Technology for our school district.
Enjoy the summer and see you in August,
Cindy Laudato-Wong
2012-2014 PTA President, La Mariposa School

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