Tigers Roar to the Finish: Results from Race Day Events

LaMariposa.Tiger Olympics.RaceDay.060613017

A 3rd Grade distance runner gets his “fives” on the way to the finish.

Day 4 of Tiger Olympics was a blast on the fields at La Mariposa.  First and second grade continued their rotations on the six track and field events and the third through fifth graders competed in the Distance, Dash, and Relay Races.  All the kids played hard and the day was a highpoint for the week.  Scroll to the end for the Race Day Results.

Volunteer and event co-chair, Natasha Scrivener, put together a super fun medley for warm ups causing the smile-o-meter to spin out of control!  The medley included favorites like “Call Me Maybe”, “YMCA”, “Jump”, “You’ve Got To Move It”, “Sponge Bob Square Pants”, and you guessed it, “Gangnam Style”.

Check out our smile gallery from our warm ups…

…and some shots from the first grade rotations…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was some intense competition out there today–we even had a few “Boys vs Girls” races–a big shout out to Brooklyn K. for beating the boys in the 3rd grade Dash!

…finally…the results…

3rd Grade

Long Distance

Boys Girls
1  Dylan K 1  Gabriela J
2  Braden T 2  Riley P
3  Owen S 3  Riley L


Boys Girls
1  Jack B 1  Brooklyn K
2  Logan M 2  Baylee F
3  Joe N 3  Peyton W


Boys Girls
1  Hughes – Camarillo Speed 1  Martin – Fast & Furious
2  Hughes – Fast & Furious 2  Hughes – Cosmos

4th Grade


Boys Girls
1  Jason M 1  Kaylee B
2  Jake P 2  Caitlyn F
3  Justin X 3  Riley L


Boys Girls
1  Luke M 1  Lena V
2  Steven M 2  Natalie S
3  Joe N 3  Serena B


Boys Girls
Tie for Gold, no other medals awarded:Lopez – SpeedstersSadowsky – Roadrunners 1  Sadowsky – ETCK Awesomeness
2  Sadowsky – Diamond Girls

5th Grade

Long Distance

Boys Girls
1  Seth F 1  Sammy F
2  Dutch U 2  Alyssa M
3  Tyler R 3  Jenny K


Boys Girls
1  Brady B 1  Kate C
2  Alexei I* (Hudacko 4th Grader) 2  Anissa S
3  Jaxon R 3  McKenna S


Boys Girls
1  Berson – Fierce Roadrunners 1  Evans – Sea Pandas
2  Pearson – Beasts 2  Pearson – The Baconators

Medals for 3rd – 5th grade will be awarded tomorrow at the following times:

  • 3rd Grade: 10:45am
  • 4th Grade:  11:30am
  • 5th Grade:  8:30am

Thanks again to our many volunteers.  We couldn’t do it without you.


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