How to Make Paper Mache Piñatas


By Alex M., Caitlin F., Teagan D., Colin W.

On Friday, May 3rd, our class (Mrs. Sadowsky’s class) made paper mache piñatas. You can make them right at home! Here is how we did it.

  1. Take a balloon and blow it up.
  2. Attach a string to the bottom of the balloon.
  3. Tape six cones to the balloon. (Cut the top off one and pull the string through it.)
  4. Dip newspaper into a starch + water mixture and stick onto the balloon and the cones. (3-5 coats of newspaper on the balloon and 1 coat of newspaper on each cone. Do the balloon before the cones so the cones don’t cave in.)
  5. Let the piñata dry overnight or until is hard.
  6. Paint the piñata any color you want and let it dry overnight or until the paint has dried.
  7. Cut off all the tops of the cones and staple streamers to them. (Don’t attach streamers to the cone with the string through it.)

Now you are finished with your piñata! If you want to you can cut a hole in the piñata, fill it with candy, and tape it to make an awesome piñata. Or you could just use as a decoration in your room. These are some easy steps on how to make a cool piñata.

Some photos from Miss Lopez’s class:


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