Tiger Olympics Team Sports Winners & Photos

For the past two days our La Mariposa Tigers have been hitting the fields for the team sports portion of the week.  We saw lots of smiles and heard lots of encouraging words on the field–great sportsmanship tigers!

First and second graders played kickball and soccer within their own classes.  Third graders tried something new with the addition of softball this year.  Fourth and fifth graders faced off today in the final games of their kickball and soccer tournaments…and the winners are…

  • 5th Grade Kickball: Magical Donuts, Mrs. Evans
  • 5th Grade Soccer:  Ducks, Mrs. Evans
  • 4th Grade Kickball: Olympians, Mrs. Jansen
  • 4th Grade Kickball: Ninjas, Mrs. Lopez

A special shout out to Mrs. Sadowsky’s teams for their incredible team spirit and sportsmanship!

Special thanks to all of our volunteer refs and scorekeepers–please accept our payment in smiles!

One thought on “Tiger Olympics Team Sports Winners & Photos

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