LM Gets Technology Boost from PVSD

Techy Teachers

Kindergarten team received training on heir new SMART boards! Leading the training were LMS’ own Mrs. Alvarez and Mrs. Armas. K students can look forward to some great SMART lessons soon!

Thanks to valiant fundraising effort over the last few years, La Mariposa has equipped teachers and students with technologies such as SMART classrooms, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. In addition, LMS has received donations from local organizations, such as CLU and Naval Base Ventura County.  We have worked hard to leverage our resources in order to make classroom technology a significant part of teaching and learning at La Mariposa. But, did you know that the Pleasant Valley School District recently decided to help improve the classroom technology available to students and teachers?

The Board of Trustees and our Superintendent, Ms. RaeAnne Michael, allocated $61 per student for the purchase of classroom devices! With our current enrollment, La Mariposa will have approximately $42,000 to spend on devices for students and teachers.  Since our school’s goal is to provide students with a connected learning experience, we are basing our improvements on our desire to give students and teachers broad access to online content while also providing the tools to collaborate and create together. 

At the start of the school year, here is what La Mariposa’s improved classroom technology will look like:

  • A completely refreshed computer lab (36 new desktop computers)
  • 6 Desktops in every K-2 classroom (25 new desktops)
  • 6 Laptops in every 3-5 classroom (15 new laptops)
  • A new laptop for teachers, with docking station (25 new laptops)
Techy Students

Recently, of our K classrooms were abuzz with excitement about the new SMART boards! This kindergarten Tiger received instant feedback about their super spelling.

Over the summer, the PVSD tech department will be busy setting up new computers, getting rid of old computers, repurposing currently used computers, and setting up each classroom with their 6 device set up.

Moving forward, our school will continue to focus on providing broad access to technology for our students.  Over time, our fundraising efforts will focus on refreshing old devices and increasing the number of devices in classrooms. This “shot in the arm” from PVSD will be a huge boon to our school goal! Of course, we will continue to accept donated computers, but please contact Mr. Greenlinger ahead of time so he can be sure the donations match our District’s standards for classroom devices.

Please be sure to contact the Board of Trustees, as well as our District leaders, to thank them for making connected learning a priority!

Jay Greenlinger


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