Cinemagic was A Whole New World

By Mia, Kaili, and Teagan, Student Contributors

IMG_5716This year’s Cinemagic experience was really fun.  Not only did we get to sing and dance, but we also got to act.  The show was called “A Whole New World.”  It was about a group of school kids who were going on an amazing class trip.  One group did not really care about learning about anything.  They just wanted to have fun.  The other group wanted to learn about different cultures.  The teachers and parents decided they needed a trip to the Polynesian Islands to force them to learn about nature and how people live off the land.  The kids finally realized that there are more things in life than just being rich.

IMG_5718Each performer had several different costumes because they were in at least four different numbers.  Costumes were designed and made by former La Mariposa parent, Keiko Chun.  She did a good job creating the detailed and colorful costumes.  The Bollywood costumes were especially amazing.

Teagan’s favorite part was the Reflections song because it is where the girls realize what is really important and accept themselves for who they are.  Mia’s favorite part was the fire dance number because it was colorful and had a lot going on to keep the audience entertained.  Kaili’s favorite part was entertaining the audience while having fun and making friends.  The audience was amazed by the choreography involved in numbers like Bollywood and Synchronized Swimming.  The swimming number was very comical and made the audience laugh as the girls pretended to be swimming in a pool on a cruise ship.  It was amazing how much it looked like they were really diving in the water.

We would highly recommend the Cinemagic experience for other students.  This year it was open to 4th-8th grade students.  The practices were twice a week at the old Camarillo Library until the week of performances which were at the Pacifica High School Performing Arts Center.  We hope to do it again next year.

The Cinemagic Program is sponsored by the Pleasant Valley Education Foundation.  Learn more at


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