What’s Up Doc?

NIK_2801A huge tiger congratulations to Mr., correction, Dr. Greenlinger for earning his Ed.D (Doctor of Education) Degree in Educational Leadership from CSUN.

We sat down with Dr. Greenlinger recently to ask a few questions about what it was like to earn his degree.

The Pawprint:  We’ve heard it takes forever to become a doctor, how long did it take you?

Dr. Greenlinger:  I’ve been taking classes for the last three years at CSUN, every Wednesday from 4-10 and occasional Saturdays.

The Pawprint:  You are a principal, don’t you know everything already?  What more could you possibly learn?

Dr. Greenlinger:  My research focused on the leadership practices of Baby Boomer Superintendents in relation to their support of Millennial Principals.  I chose this area to research because I am a Millennial Principal and I am interested in helping principals and superintendents have successful working relationships in order for them to provide students with the best learning opportunities. I studied principals and superintendents from two other districts in Ventura County.

The Pawprint:  Wow.  Was it fun?

Dr. Greenlinger: I enjoyed the process of research and I have carried over many of my research skills into the way I approach problems at school.

The Pawprint:  Did you have a lot of homework?

Dr. Greenlinger:  My dissertation is 116 pages long and has just under 28,000 words. My data collection included 9 hours of interviews, which-when transcribed- were over 40 pages long. (After the first interview I decided to hire a transcriber.)

The Pawprint:  That sounds like a lot of hard work.  Now that it’s over, what are you going to do with all your free time?

Dr. Greenlinger:  Though I LOVE being in school, I am ready to take a break and be able to spend a bit more time being with my family and sleeping. I’m also looking forward to reading books for pleasure, as opposed to textbooks and assigned readings.

The Pawprint:  Any other fun facts you can share with us?

Dr. Greenlinger:  I am the second Dr. Greenlinger; my dad received his Ed.D. from Pepperdine in 2005.


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