Enrich Your Child’s World with After School Classes

Today, three of our enrichment program instructors were on campus during lunch so students could get a sneak peak at our offerings for the Spring Session.  Classes begin April 18th.  Click here for details.  Registration is going on now for the following classes:


Chess – $75
Academic Chess
Chess prepares children for life by enhancing critical thinking skills, mental discipline, problem-solving and self-esteem. It teaches them to think deeply, develop patience, strategize and plan, & visualize results. The emphasis for this class is on FUN and instruction in a way all children can understand.  Players will be assessed and grouped according to skill level.  This course will be held in the library.
Grades K-5
Location:  Library
Class Limit: None

IMG_0328Learn to Draw Wild Animals – $70
Art N You – Michelle & Erica Honles
In this art adventure students will encounter Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My! And draw an assortment of favorite animals.  We teach students to see various shapes and “build a Bear” of their own.  Students will learn drawing skills and learn to color in this animals specific fur and designs.  This is  a beginning/ intermediate level art class taught by Michelle Honles of Art N’ You.   Final pieces will be completed in oil/ & or chalk pastels.
Grades 2-5
Location:  Library Conference Room
Class Limit: 17

IMG_0327Magic – $75
Dan Ray, Magician
Magician Dan Ray will be teaching Magic! Dan taught Magic at La Miraposa and it was a sell out!! Dan not only entertains, but he shows the kids tricks and how to perform certain tricks. Learn the lessons of life from the tricks of Magic!
Grades K-5
Location: TBD
Class Limit: None

Golf – $75


Better Golf Academy
The Better Golf Academy’s After School Golf Class is taught by Top 50 Junior Golf Instructor, James Pugliese. James is host of the Amazon bestselling “Better Golf for Kids” DVD. Students will learn golfing etiquette, full-swing, rules, putting, pitching, and chipping. Prizes will be given out to all the kids registered. This is a great time to learn the game of golf, or hone your child’s skill!
Grades K-5
Location: Fields
Class Limit: None


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