City Council To Make Critical Decision On New High School: Be There

by Kamala Nahas, President, Camarillo Council of PTAsNCHS

This Wednesday, March 13, 2013, the City Council is set to vote on a preferred site for the New Camarillo High School.  The discussion and suggested action is the third item of business following public comments at 7:30pm.

According to project manager, Terry Zinger…

“Based on the site analysis just concluded, if the City does not request annexation of the Bell Ranch site [site adjacent to the Camarillo Library], there really isn’t an acceptable site within or contiguous to Camarillo. That means that the project moves to Oxnard, somewhere.”


Simply put, if the city does not choose the Bell Ranch Site, we WILL NOT get a new high school anywhere in Camarillo any time soon.  

It is EXTREMELY important that you voice your opinion in this matter–the City Council needs to HEAR how the young families of Camarillo feel and SEE that we care.  I strongly encourage you all to bring your kids–yes I said BRING YOUR KIDS–to City Hall at 7:30 pm and stay for public comment!  There is no better way to teach your children about our government–a government for the people, by the people–than for them to witness it in action for themselves.  If you are uncomfortable speaking, send them an email and come stand with me when I put my “Mom” hat on and speak on behalf of my three children.

NCHS Layout


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