Tigers Socked The 100th Day of School (In a Good Way)

By Pam MacCallum, La Mariposa PTA 100th Day Coordinator

image-1La Mariposa’s sock drive for the 100th day of school on February 15th was a huge success!  With everyone’s help, we donated a total of 1458 new pairs of various sizes and colors of socks to Child Protective Services of Ventura County.  They are extremely thankful.

We have been donating socks since 2005.  With your help, we have provided socks to thousands of needy children in Ventura County.  The generosity of our students really shows.

Thank you to our generous students and their families, and also to student leadership who assisted in the counting and collecting.

Along with the sock collection, grade celebrated the 100th Day in different ways.  1st graders made glasses, base ten hats, special Hundredth Day trail mix and 2nd grade students were asked to decorate an old T-Shirt with 100 items.  


Special thanks to Amanda Searle and Elizabeth Jansen for submitting these great pics from the 100th Day of School.


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