Top 8 Reasons To Attend the Dinner Dance

The 2013 Dinner Dance is Sponsored by: Caulfield Consulting, LLC;Laube TechnologY; and Koppel Patrick Heybl & Philpott.  Contacts:  Aaron Lasky & Kat Gregory

2012 Dinner Dance, Camarillo Ranch Red Barn

2012 Dinner Dance, Camarillo Ranch Red Barn

5th Annual La Mariposa Dinner Dance & Auction

Top 8 Reasons To Attend

8.  You can get a great deal on braces.  Wright Orthodontics once again is donating a set of braces valued at up to $5380.  What would you bid?

7.  It’s cheaper than sending your kids to private school.  The way state funding is these days, unless your paying $1000+ a month for tuition at a private school, chances are you are child is not getting DEDICATED MUSIC INSTRUCTION and does not have the option of singing in a chorus.  Thanks to our Annual Dinner Dance & Auction La Mariposa students get a well rounded education that includes the arts.

Rancho Las Palmas Resort, Rancho Mirage, CAPhoto CreditL Trip Advisor

Rancho Las Palmas Resort, Rancho Mirage, CA

6.  It’s good for your marriage.  Who couldn’t use an evening off from the kids, looking fine, dancing the night away?  We’ll also have romantic dinners and weekend get aways up for bid, like a two night stay at Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa in Rancho Mirage.  But, you’ll have to out bid us, first!

5.  It’s money well spent.  In the past four years, the Dinner Dance & Auction has funded the purchase and installation of 22 SMART BOARDS, two years of music instruction, one year of technology instruction, 2 sets of student response devices, wireless internet on campus, and an upgraded sound system in the MPR.  The event has raised $130,000+ in the last four years combined and made a real difference in our kids’ learning experiences.

Shot in Arrowhead Provincial Park.

Shot in Arrowhead Provincial Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4.  The whole family benefits.  We have great items for families like a four-day, three-night stay in a three story house with panoramic views of Lake Arrowhead.  With 4 bedrooms and three full baths, two families can go in together on this one!

3.  Your dollars go twice as far.  You’ll be able to bid on many items that your family already uses and enjoys.  Things like a family pack of Disneyland Park Hoppers or an American Girl Doll.  Many of these items go for 25-50% of their market value.  So not only are you getting a fantastic deal on something you would already buy, but you are also putting your dollars into instructional technology and music education for your children.

2.  It’s the best party of the year!  Whether you attend with your spouse or that group of ladies you love to be around, The Dinner Dance & Auction is a fabulous excuse to enjoy some food and drink, let you hair down, and live it up with your friends.  It’s really great chance to connect and get to know the people we see everyday in a different way.

1.  It’s SMART.  A successful Dinner Dance & Auction means ALL of our classrooms will be SMART Board equipped.  SMART boards allow our teachers to teach the way 21st Century kids learn.  Gone are the days of noses to the desk with pencils grinding away.

Make a Difference.  Even if you can’t attend the event, you can contribute by donating items, sponsoring a teacher, or bidding by proxy.  It’s also not too late to be an event sponsor.  You’ll be recognized in all our eBlasts, on our event website, and in our event program.  It’s a great way to share your business to 500+ La Mariposa families all while supporting La Mariposa!

Haven’t sent your RSVP back yet?  Lost your invitation?  Want to make a Flat Donation?  No problem.  RSVPs are due February 8 and you can donate or reserve your space at our online store.


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