How to Submit Photos for the Yearbook

UPDATES: Based on recent submissions, we are adding two notes to our submission procedure.
  • Smart Phone Pictures:  Smart phone cameras are getting really good these days, especially in bright light with a steady hand.  Chances are if you are inside, though, there won’t be enough light to give you a “Yearbook” quality shot.  Here are some tips to getting great pictures with your Smart Phone:  Take Better Pictures With Your Phone : My Best Tips, Tricks, and Apps
  • Photostreams, Google Galleries, & Shutterfly Albums:  We know that it is super easy to just send us an invitation to your online album.  Unfortunately, with so many photo submissions, it is inefficient for us to log in, sort through, and download all the photos in your albums.  Please follow the submission steps below to email your pictures to us.
There are two ways to submit photos for the 2012-13 yearbook.  Please keep in mind the PTA may use your photo in the “Pawprint” Blog and other PTA publications.

Submit photos via email (preferred):

  1. Choose NO MORE THAN 5 of your favorite pictures for a single event.
  2. File Size:  Please try send medium to large resolution photos up to 2MB, if you can’t manage it, it’s okay.
  3. With the exception of classroom photos, try to send photos within one week of the event date.  We are working on pages throughout the year and start laying out pages within one week.  Classroom photos are due Feb. 28.
  4. Enter information about the photo including teacher name, grade, and event.
  5. Send photos and/or questions to Kamala:

Submit photos via CD:

If email submission isn’t for you, you can still leave a non-returnable disc in the PTA box clearly labeled with teacher name, grade, and event within a week of the event date.  

A few tips:

  • Photos should be crisp–not blurry.
  • Photos should be well lit–not too dark.
  • Photos should have at least two students in them and preferably 3 or more.
  • Subjects should not be too far away in the picture and the faces should be recognizable.
  • Photos should be high enough resolution to produce a decent picture in the yearbook.  (It should still be sharp when viewed about the size of a deck of cards.
  • Teacher or grade and/or event should be included with the submission so the committee can sort the photo easily.
  • Take Better Pictures With Your Phone : My Best Tips, Tricks, and Apps
The Yearbook Staff will review all photos and determine final yearbook content. We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be used in the book.  Thank you.

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