NOAA Instrumental In 5th Grade Science Lessons

By Katie M. & Brinley F., Student Contributors

Recently, all the fifth grade classes took a field trip to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), to learn more about meteorology.  The reason for this field trip was to teach us more about the atmosphere unit we learned about in science class.


At NOAA, we learned lots of new facts.  One thing that we learned was how to stay safe in any natural disaster.  Another cool thing that we saw was a mini tornado inside of a small container.  We learned that mini tornadoes are formed by rotating winds and a cold updraft.  The meteorologists informed us, to stay safe during a tornado, you should go into a basement, bath tub, or a room with no windows.  Dave, one of the meteorologists, told us one man survived in a bathtub with pillows and blankets over him even though he was carried half a mile by the winds!

Another thing they informed us about was the weather instruments such as Doppler, radar, weather balloons, and two kinds of barometers (aneroids and mercury).  Todd told us about all of the other things they use like rain gauges.  Dave explained to us what they can predict, such as temperatures, wind speeds, wind direction, and cloud cover.  The last thing we learned was who might need to know the forecast. As you can see our fild trip to NOAA was very educational and interesting.

Special thanks to Tami Michaelson and Nicolette Marselian for sharing their photos with us.


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