Great Apps and Screen Smarts for Kids and Teens

By Kamala Nahas, President of Camarillo Council of PTAs

If your family is like ours, you probably added at least one new electronic device to your home in December.  So now that you have the device, how will your child get the most out of it?  How will you make sure your child enjoys the device without sacrificing their schoolwork or healthy physical activity?  

One resource I turn to more and more is the website for Common Sense Media.  They have ratings on everything including apps, video games, movies, and more.  They also have great resources for parents on how to keep media balanced in your home.  Click here to read their mission and core beliefs.

Here are three articles I hope you’ll find helpful:

  • Common Sense Media:  Essential Apps for Kids & Teens:   If you’re wondering what apps to load it with, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’ve got an iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, or a Kindle Fire, we have a ton of great app suggestions to start your kids off right.  Just look up your device, and you’ll see picks arranged by age groups.  Our expert editors are completely independent, so their selections are based solely on kids’ best interests.
  • Common Sense Media: 3 Simple Rules for a Healthy Media Diet:  You balance their meals, so why not their media? Learn the secrets to a well-balanced media diet.
  • Common Sense Media: Family Media Agreements:  The Family Media Agreement is a checklist that parents can use to guide conversations with their kids about media use. It’s designed to help parents establish guidelines and expectations around media use and behavior that are right for their family. Some families are comfortable using it as a signed agreement. Others prefer to use it simply as a checklist to guide conversations. Either way, it’s a great way to help parents and kids get on the same page about media and technology use.

Download the Family Media Agreement

For elementary school (English | Spanish)
For middle school (English | Spanish)
For high school (English | Spanish)


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