From the Principal: La Mariposa’s Response to Sandy Hook

Update 12/17/12:  In response to the Sandy Hook tragedy, La Mariposa staff reviewed and revised a number of our procedures at drop off and pick up times.  Click here to read the new pick up, drop off, and visitor procedures.

You may also be wondering how you can help.  Here are a couple easy ways you and your family can help.  Just click!:

UPDATE 12/16/12: LMS staff met before school to review lock down procedures and prepare to talk with students about the events at Sandy Hook. Like me, most staff were still shaken. We spent a few minutes readying ourselves to face the students and make today a normal Monday for the kids.

Some students have asked questions, and staff have been caring, supportive, and professional in their responses. Overall, we have had little concern or fear on the part of students.

The teaching and support staff have also initiated changes to our office and dismissal procedures. An all call will go home today to explain the changes, all of which are being made to ensure a safer campus. 
Thank you to the many parents who have reached out to us over phone, email, or in person with concerns and suggestions. Continue to provide that feedback, so that we know how our procedures are working.Like you, I spent most of this weekend reading and watching about the unfathomable events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Also, like you, I will drop my children off Monday morning at a place I expect them to be safe and cared for. I am not sure when the unsettled feeling I have in my stomach will go away.  As a parent and a principal, I am shaken by the events.

Every day, the La Mariposa staff puts your child’s safety and security as the top priority. Following Friday’s events, I felt it important to acknowledge that you may be feeling unsettled and possibly unsure of how safe our school- or any school- really is.  Moreover, you may have chosen to not expose your children to this story, and you may be concerned that your children will hear of the events from someone at school.  I’d like to take a minute to address these items, and how LMS is responding to them.

  1. Most importantly, La Mariposa teachers will meet Monday morning before school to review our lockdown procedures.  Already this year, we have practiced our lockdown procedures with an all school drill.  We will be thorough and review what teachers need to do during an emergency situation. Needless to say, our entire staff will be vigilant and alert in order to keep students safe.
  2. With our teachers, I will share developmentally appropriate conversation structures for K-5 children. No teacher will initiate conversations about Sandy Hook, but all adults on campus must be prepared to answer student questions and address fears shared by students.  I or our school psychologist, Vicki Haun, will be available to meet with students should they need guidance during the day.  If I or Ms. Haun meet with your child, you will be called and given details of the conversation, so that we can work together to support our children as they process this tragedy.
At no time will the details of the Sandy Hook tragedy be discussed with students, as exposure to this story is up to parent discretion.
If our school staff can be of any assistance to you or your children, please contact me via phone (805)987-8333 or email
Jay Greenlinger

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