A Beautiful Bride: Miss Hughes Became Mrs. Evans Over The Summer

Mrs. Evans

Miss Hughes got married this last summer.  The Pawprint wanted to know all about it!  Here are a few tidbits from Mrs. Evans on her very special day:

We surprised all the guests with a special dance to “You’re the One that I Want” from Grease. Everyone was shocked and loved it!

The day was perfect weather and it was held here in Camarillo at the beautiful McCormick Home Ranch. We had a photo booth (which I won at the LM auction) and our guests had a lot of fun with that!

We had 175 guests and lots of my family members came from Chicago with their families which was really special.

The color was blue and I loved the way the bridesmaids’ dress style matched mine and the flowers were perfect! (blue hydrageas, white roses, china mums, bluebells-so pretty)

We had a “cookie bar” at our reception, so guests got to enjoy those in addition to our Bread Basket cake.

We went to Maui and Oahu for our honeymoon for 2 weeks. I’d never been there, and I loved it. My favorite thing was swimming with dolphins! I also really enjoyed eating dinner next to the ocean pretty much every night! We were very spoiled.


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