Tigers Travel To 18th Century California

Santa Barbara Presidio
“I felt like a real Spanish Explorer. There were tin cups, pans, pots, canons, and a shirt maker.”–Michael B.


This month 4th Grade classes visited the Santa Barbara Mission and Presidio to learn about eighteenth century mission life.  Students learned about life on a fort and what it might have been like to be a soldier or a soldier’s family at the Presidio.  They saw some of the everyday tools soldiers used and the places where they slept, ate, and amused themselves.  

Presidio Canon Room
“My favorite part of the presidio was the fort part because we got to see four canons.”–Kaylee


Presidio Chapel
“The church and chapel were both amazingly beautiful and seemed almost perfect.”–Kaylee

At the mission, docents took them through the garden, or “The Huerta”, where they learned how the people were fed and the types of plants and trees that the Spaniards brought with them to California.  They learned about composting, planting, and harvesting through hands on activities.  Another docent talking about the Chumash and how they made use of the natural resources indigenous to the Santa Barbara region in the ways of food, clothing, tools, and festivities.  By introducing students to the daily activities of the mission, they were able to get a sense of what everyday life might have been like.

Santa Barbara Mission
“I learned the mission is still alive and working!”–Francis

A Week In Life At the Santa Barbara Mission

La Huerta, Santa Barbara Mission
“We went in groups and visited four stations. The first one was that we went through the garden.”

by Katie G., Student Contributor

This week at the mission Chumash girls made candles and soap.  The boys hunted deer and gathered roots. They dressed up like a deer, sneaked up on it, and shot it in two hits of their bows and arrows.   Others gathered roots and blueberries.  Once they spotted the bush they picked them and put them in their baskets for a snack later.  They ended up with seventy-five berries.  They had a great dinner.

Sorghum…Not so much
“We got to taste sugar cane, grapes, oranges, pomegranate seeds, and homemade guava jelly.”–Amanda

This field trip was made possible by proceeds from the 2012 Jog-a-thon.  Special thanks to our teachers for arranging the trip and to all our parent drivers for donating their gas and time…and thank you to Becky Brown for adding her photos to ours.  

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