Spring Book Sale Is A Win, Win, Win

Every other year La Mariposa holds a “Buck-a-Book” sale in the Spring.  Students and teacher donate gently used books they no longer need.  La Mariposa families are able to purchase these books for only a dollar and teachers can build their classroom libraries for free.  Last spring’s highly successful sale was our second such sale.  We raised about $2000 for literacy programs and classroom libraries, the LM community learned the wonderful value of reusing items, and teachers bolstered their libraries.

So what happened to all those books that we didn’t sell in May at our Buck a Book Sale?  Some of the more adult oriented fiction and non-fiction were donated to the Fiends of the Camarillo Library in early June. However that left us with quite a few boxes left. Today we donated 12 boxes of children’s, youth and teen fiction books to the Children’s Auxiliary Fund charity. They provide toys and books to children in Ventura County who wouldn’t otherwise have something under the Christmas tree.

The rest of the non-fiction and adult fiction and reference will be donated to the Friends of the Camarillo Library.

Special thanks to La Mariposa PTA’s Book Fair Chair, Diana Goodson, and her team for organizing all those books!

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